Americans Against Abortions Will Still Assist a Loved One Go Through the Process if needed

A recent study conducted by New York University recently revealed that several Americans who contest abortion could assist someone close to them while undergoing the process. The study revealed that at least 2 in 5 of those opposing abortion would ensure that their friend or relative undergoes a safe legal process. The individuals opt to assist their friends by placing their opinions aside and being there for them.

One of the leading authors, Sarah Cowan, revealed that several people would assist their friends to undergo a legal and safe abortion even though they are not on board with the said decision. She further added that the said individuals are in a situation where they need to weigh between supporting their loved one or their beliefs.

The type of aid and its importance to all parties involved in the process

The findings gathered from the study following the passing of a Texas legislation that enables parties to sue anyone who aids abortion conducted after six weeks of inception. Some study authors revealed that the extent of helping their loved ones varies from one party to the other and that each will derive their definition of assistance from the situation.

The authors stated that most individuals would offer emotional support during the study’s publication instead of giving financial assistance for the said procedure. They further reiterated that donating money for such a practice is equated to directly supporting abortion. The study revealed that at least 88% of Americans issue emotional support to a loved one who wants to undergo the process.

Comparison between the surveys conducted in 2018 and 2019 on abortion 

The authors conducted their study on two different occasions in 2018 and 2019, respectively. In 2019, the Respondents reiterated that they are doing the right thing in such situations, thus ensuring that their loved ones are safe. The test usually occurs in three different stages, including distinct mental strategies; These strategies include noting the imperfections of the loved one, excusing the behaviour of the loved one and the ability of the loved one to make crucial decisions such as abortion.

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