Although Parents Love Engaging In Their Kid’s Hobbies, Half Can’t Tolerate Their Music Choice

It seems like pop culture is evolving along with age. For example, the Rolling Stones are not well-known to today’s youth, but “Rolling in the Deep” is. According to a recent study of 2,000 parents of young children, children aged 6 to 12 were much more inclined to know the well-known Adele song (41%) than the legendary rock and roll band (28%).

Most parents are unaware of the present kid culture 

How popular is kid culture among parents? Surprisingly, only 29% know the TV series “Steven Universe” despite two in five individuals being familiar with the films “Moana” (42%), Frozen (43%), and the iconic “Baby Shark” (40%).  

The study, which OnePoll carried out for Kahoot!, demonstrates that families have so much to learn about each other’s hobbies, and doing so may be a good approach to strengthening bonds between them. According to 63% of adults, children often become delighted when their parents are interested in or expertise in a topic they find interesting. Six in ten parents (61%) are keen to find out more regarding the interests or hobbies of their children.

More than six in ten parents (63%) are encouraging their children to value the same activities they did when they were young. Sports participation (59%), playing video games (58%), card games (56), and trivia (54%) are among the activities.

Parents find the music choice of their children intolerable 

Around 57% of music-loving adults encourage their children to enjoy the same songs they did. Their playlists include Celine Dion (42%), Whitney Houston (39%), Madonna (38%), and Backstreet Boys (34%),  in that order.

Though creating a playlist for different age groups could require some work, approximately half (47%) of adults find their children’s music intolerable. That may be why only 24% of parents correctly identified a photo of the girl group “Fifth Harmony,” which set a record for Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in 2018. However, most parents (73%) consider it a milestone when their kids enjoy their pastime hobbies. 

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