Almond Calories Might be Something You Don’t Need to Worry About

It is advisable to check the calorie levels of different foods to escalate your nutritional needs. It is obvious that many people would prefer food with low calories, but this isn’t always the case with almonds. They contain high-calorie levels, but they are also ranked as one of the most nutritious foods to consume. 

Almonds come in different forms, such as roasted or raw, salty or sweet, unsprouted or sprouted, but the fact remains that they are satisfying and crunchy. Almonds also come in different shapes and sizes. It’s worth noting that California is the largest almond producer worldwide. 

Do almonds contain excessive fats?

Unlike other nuts, which are contemplated as fattening, almonds are considered nutritional. However, an ounce of almonds equivalent to 24 seeds contains approximately 180 calories, 14 grams of heart-healthy fat, and approximately 6 grams of proteins. Pre-portioning comes in handy if you want to maximize almond’s benefits. Here are some advantages associated with almonds.

Lowering cholesterol rates

Almonds play a vital role in mitigating LDL(harmful) cholesterol levels and not forgetting they contain high magnesium, Vitamin E, and potassium levels, enhancing the easier flow of nutrients and oxygen in the body. It’s arguably veracious you will enjoy escalated health while consuming almonds. 

Regulation of blood sugars

Almonds do contain magnesium which plays a key role in stabilizing blood sugar levels. Patients who have diabetes type 2 should consume a handful of almonds daily to stabilize their blood sugar. 

Controlling body weight

If you are looking to reducing your body weight, then consuming almonds is a perfect choice. Almonds contain low carbohydrate levels and high fiber and protein levels which aid lowers your appetite, thus reducing calories on your body daily. 

 Good eyesight

Due to the high vitamin E levels in almonds, your eyes will be protected from any abnormal changes that may occur in your eye lens. 

Enhancing brain power

Riboflavin and L-carnitine are some of the nutrients found in almonds essential for the growth of brain cells. You only need to consume five pieces of almond in the morning to enhance your brainpower. 

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