Acne is a Prevalent Skin Condition That Can Sometimes be Difficult to Treat

The condition is often occasioned by clogged pilosebaceous under the skin. It commonly occurs during adolescence but can reoccur later in life.

Breakouts occur when oil and dead skin cells fill the pores. So naturally, men’s skin is oilier anatomically and is more prone to acne. While it is a rarely discussed subject, men need to take care of their skins too. So here we look at how to treat acne:

Ensure that your skin is clean

Although acne is not caused by dirty skin, cleaning can help wash off excess sebum, the chemical behind your clogged pores. Avoid heavy cream cleansers and go for a facial wash that contains ingredients like salicylic acid. Another critical component is Beta- hydroxy, which is good for reducing acne and softly exfoliating the skin for cleaner pores. 

When shopping for the proper facial wash, you should also avoid astringents and fragrances. These can aggravate your skin and worsen its problems. A good charcoal cleanser is also helpful with excess oil and dead skin, which clog the pores.

Wash your face in the morning and before going to bed to get the best results. You should be careful not to overdo it, though. Cleansing your face more than twice a day could lead to skin damage.

Use moisturizers

Some acne treatments, especially ones that use benzoyl peroxide, can dry up your skin. This is part of the reason why a moisturizer should be part of your skincare routine. An ordinary everyday moisturizer can do the trick. You can also give face serum a try.

Use sunscreen

Dermatologists say that applying sunscreen is an essential step against acne. This is because acne medication makes the skin extra sensitive to sunburn. It is important to note, however, that not all sunscreens are suitable for skin with acne. Most sunscreens have a thick consistency which disqualifies them from use on skin with acne. Instead, dermatologists recommend using a fragrance-free sunscreen, light on the skin and oil-free.

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