A Survey Brings to Light that Seven out of 10 American Pet Owners Take Better Care of Their Pets Than Themselves

In a recently conducted survey, it has come to light that seven out of 10 American pet owners take better care of their pets than themselves. OnePoll surveyed on behalf of Stella and Chewy’s, which is a natural pet food brand. 

Pets and pet owners share an unbreakable bond

Ahead of the National Pet Appreciation Week, the survey was initiated. As many as 2,000 pet parents, also known as pet owners, were respondents. Close to 70% of the respondents admit that they put the well-being of their pets ahead of their own. The survey also threw light on the relationship between the four-legged animals and pet owners. According to the study results, about 61% of pet parents are ready to give their vacations and date nights a miss if their pets are not accompanying them. Another two-thirds, that is 65%, of the respondents admitted that they are closer to their pets than their immediate family members. Such is the bond pet parents and pet owners share with their pets. 

Owning a pet has health benefits

Being a pet parent or a pet owner has a plethora of health benefits. According to 72% of the survey participants, the most significant advantage of owning a pet is that it helps reduce their stress, depression, and anxiety. Another 62% of the respondents stated that they exercise more than they usually do, thanks to the pets that they accompany for walks and play within their homes. A section of 44% of the respondents added that they are more conscious of their pets’ diet. 

For pet parents and pet owners, every day is Pet Appreciation Day

Pet Appreciation Week is observed in June, August 26 is declared as National Dog Day. However, pet parents prioritize their pets every day. A majority of 62% of respondents shared that they play with their pets every day. In addition, 57% of the participants stated that they feed their pets with the four-legged animals’ food, like the most. Meanwhile, 48% of pet owners permit their pets to sleep in bed with them.

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