90s Fashion Trends vs Modern Trends

So much has changed since the 90s. Many of us were very young during that time and can easily compare those days with the modern age. First of all, the 90s were some two decades ago! That’s a very long time actually… Life is almost unrecognizably different than it was back then. It’s mostly technology’s fault, but there are still many other things that affected that as well.

Plenty of changes occurred in fashion as well. Remember cargo pants? Too many big pockets everywhere and so much space all around your legs and hips? Now some pants don’t even have pockets and are as tight as possible.

What about overalls? I barely remember how those look, almost no one wears them anymore.

How about mom jeans? I don’t know if anyone could look good in those nowadays and even wear them at all for that matter…

Baggy shirts? Yeah, I don’t think so. Only regular patterned shirts maybe.

Then there were the bigger, wider sneakers of all sorts. Now no one can be caught wearing those for fear of ridicule.

But what about hairstyles? Especially the ones women had as those are way more diverse than men’s. Half of those are quite ridiculous to most of us today. Tomboy pixies, Bantu knots, layered haircuts, microbraids, and so many more. Do you see those today? Or what about the men’s ridiculous bowl cuts? Thank God those are gone…

Back to outfits. Camouflage shirts or something like that? Gone!

Most importantly, praise be to all the Gods of all religions for no more colorful short shorts. I can’t stand those and would rather die than wear them. I mean, anything too colorful and especially cross-colored is just ridiculous if you ask me. You can’t wear every possible color at the same time!

I hope that everyone is glad that so many 90s fashion trends are no more because the more you look at many of those, you realize that they really were plain ridiculous.

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