70s Fashion: Then and Now

It’s always nice to see some gorgeous fashion trends making a comeback. Personally, I find the 70s fashion amazing and utterly unique in the most spectacular way. No wonder I’m giving you this article about the 70s fashion that can be seen today in some form or another.

The baby doll dress used to be a beautiful outfit for ladies. Today, we still have it, but we also can add some pretty accessories to match it.

Double denim used to be one of the most stylish outfits men could wear. It was easy and versatile. Today, you still have a chance to wear such things if you can pull it off. It’s not that easy with today’s clothes, but it’s doable.

The necktie blouse made some gorgeous women look even better. This amazing blouse can still be seen quite often even today.

Disco fashion was definitely the highlight of the 70s fashion trends, for both men and women. There are plenty of ways you can pay homage to this amazing style from the past. Unfortunately, we don’t really see this today as the modern trend is tighter and less colorful and brighter outfits. Now that’s a shame.

The punk movement did it right back in the 70s. Guys can still wear the leather jacket that was most famous within this exact movement. Plenty of guys make it work, the key is to not go overboard, or you’ll end up looking ridiculous.

The bohemian style was probably the cutest thing that existed in the 70s fashion. I’m so glad it’s increasing in popularity and actually looks even better today than it did back then.

The peasant blouse used to be very popular and adored by many. It can still be seen today in basically the same form, just less often. It’s actually quite rare when you think about it, which is a shame.

These are just some of my favorites from the disco era. You should think about some else, and maybe even try to bring it back.

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