10 High Margin Products to Sell Online

There is nothing as satisfying and full-filling as being your own boss, let alone working from the comfort of your living room. E-Commerce is the place to be if you are tired of pressures of an eight to five job. Running an e-commerce business on eBay, Amazon, or Shopify can help you achieve financial freedom. If you are thinking of quitting your job for e-commerce, then you first need to grasp the most profitable products to sell online before venturing into online sales.

Just because e-commerce is a trillion-dollar market does not mean you go on opening a store and start selling anything. The fact that only 650,000 online stores out of 12 million stores, make over $1,000 a year, means you should be extremely careful on the products you sell online. High margin products are the soul of any successful e-commerce business.

You are probably wondering what these products are and how we arrived at them. You might also be wondering the amount of money you are likely to generate while dealing solely on high margin products online.

Upon carrying an in-depth analysis of the most profitable products to sell online, we have compiled a list of the products you can never go wrong with when it comes to logistics. Our list of the high margin products to sell online focuses on products that not only, have high margins but also command colossal demand.

In the list, we have started with online products with the least amount of profit margins moving up the ladder to the one with the highest profit margin.  Our list also contains products that might not pose significant logistics problem given their sheer small size and weight. We also based our rankings on products that continue to elicit colossal demand on some of the biggest  e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay and Shopify.

We also narrowed down our list by focusing on durable products and avoiding seasonal products as alluded by Salehoo Labs.  In a bid to make sure our list was well updated we crosschecked with Medium.com on some of the products that continue to elicit strong demand online  year round.  The list contains not only high margin products, but affordable and durable products that should elicit strong demand year round from any part of the world.

We also compile lists like The 10 Best Selling Products Online and The 12 Most Profitable Small Businesses to broaden our horizon and identify emerging trends in advance.

Below is our list of the top 10 High Margin Products to Sell Online.

 #10 Phone accessories: $3-$15 profit margin

In an era where almost everyone has a phone, the demand for accessories to accompany such devices is continuously on the rise. Phone accessories are not only high margin products wholesale but also provides many opportunities to source unique products.

The fact that new phones are being released each day means there will always be a market for phone batteries, earphones, phone covers as well as screen guards. The sale of phone accessories provides an opportunity to enjoy profit margins of between $3 and $15 while selling easy to ship products.

Phone accessories

#9 Active Wear: $5-$15 profit margin

Active wear for both men and women are some of the most profitable products to sell online in an era where most people are conscious about their health and looking to exercise more. Fitness savvy people are always ready to spend anything in a bid to ensure they stay fit while exercising.

With the right supplier, you are sure to enjoy profit margins of between $5 and $15 on the sale of some of the best active wear.

Active Wear

#8 Video Games and Board Games: $5-$20 profit margin

Video games have emerged as a multibillion-dollar industry, giving rise to one of the most profitable business ideas. Video games are some of the best high margin products to sell online, given the $5-$20 profit margin always on offer.

The fact that there will always be new games in the market allows for diversification in the product portfolio to cater to a broader target market. Besides, the small size and weight of most video games mean they are easy to package and ship.

Video Games and Board Games

#7 Beauty Products: $3-$25 profit margin

Beauty products make the list of high margin products to sell online, given the demand they continue to elicit all over the world. As the world becomes a global village with the proliferation of the internet, you are always sure to obtain demand with these high margin products wholesale.

Makeup and beauty products, as well as nail art products and hair care products, are some of the best high margin products to sell online. These products are not only easy to showcase but easy to package and ship with lots of sub-niches to cover. The average profit margin for these products is between $3 and $25.

Beauty Products

#6 Toys for Kids: $5-$30 profit margin

Toys are timeless, and as long as there will always be kids yearning for such items, you can never go wrong with opening an online store catering to their needs. Profit margins of between $10 and 30 affirm why toys are some of the best low-cost products with high-profit margin worth selling online.

Toys also stand out in part because they are easy to buy in bulk, allowing sellers to enjoy economies of scale in the end. the profit margins for kids toys stands at about $5 to $30.

toy, kid, child, toddler, play, home, fun, infant, meccano, girl, preschooler, baby,

#5 Women Apparel: $5-$30 profit margin

Profit margins of between $5 and $30 per item affirm why women apparel are high margin products to sell online. The fact that women are always on the lookout for the next big thing fashion wise means you will still enjoy consistent demand with this online business idea.

With the right brands as well as designs, your online women apparel store is sure to enjoy universal appeal. Finding the right supplier able to supply at a wholesale price should ensure you enjoy high margins. However, it is essential to note that considerable upfront investment is needed with this business idea.

Women Apparel

#4 Bluetooth Speakers: $15-$35 profit margin

The use of Bluetooth speakers is endless. Right from gaming as well as supporting televisions and home theaters, Bluetooth speakers are increasingly turning out to be low-cost products with a high-profit margin to sell online.

By opening a Bluetooth speaker store, you not only stand to enjoy a profit margin of between $15 and $35 but the potential to expand to other verticals within the electronics space.

Bluetooth Speakers

#3 Shoes: $10-$45 profit margin

You can never go wrong with the opening of an online store specializing in shoes for both men and women. With an average profit margin of between $10 and $45, affirms why shoes are high margin products to sell online. The fact that shoes have a universal appeal means you will always elicit demand all over the world.

Shoes also have lots of sub-niches to branch into, which provide an avenue to shrug off competition. However, it is essential to note that selling shoes are a high competition business.


#2 Pet Care Supplies: $5-$50 profit margin

Pet care products are becoming increasingly popular as the number of people with pets continues to rise. A pet tailored store is a dream worth pursuing anyone looking to enjoy the benefits of high margin products wholesale in a niche market.

Pet care products are low-cost products with a high profit margin. Also, they are easy to ship, given their sheer small size. The sector also has many sub-niches to branch into and provides great recurring business opportunities. Given the lack of stiff competition in the segment, you are sure to enjoy a profit margin of between $5 and $50 depending on this business idea.

food for animals

#1 Jewelry: $10: $60 profit margin

Jewelry is the best high margin product to sell online. The fact that the products are unisex makes allows e-commerce sellers to address a broader target market at a go.

Necklaces bracelets, pins, earrings, among others, are some of the low-cost products with a high-profit margin to sell online as they do not take much inventory space. Also, they are easy to sell and always elicit strong demand throughout the year. However, it is essential to note that they are highly competitive and require a lot of work when it comes to shipping and packaging.

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