1/3 of Americans are Ready to Drop Streaming Services like Hulu and Netflix Because of Lackluster Shows

If you thought that this was television’s “golden age”, you might want to think again once the Covid-19 pandemic ends. Yes, there have been way more people watching TV because of the lockdowns and quarantines. A new study has confirmed that about 70% of American citizens have streamed or watched way more television now than they did when the pandemic started. Sadly, though, not all the streaming services and shows are worth it, or even just living up to the hype, which is making many people want to stop paying for their subscriptions.

Of those people watching more TV than they did when Covid started, the average individual is now streaming an additional three hours per day. OnePoll, in conjunction with Tubi, conducted this survey on 2,000 Americans. They also found that the pandemic has made TV watching stressful in a very unusual way.

With many activities being banned over the past twelve months or so, people that participated in the survey said that they needed to keep up with cultural zeitgeists. In fact, 1/3 of them said that they’ve never felt this much pressure before to watch something that’s trending.

Little Payoff for Big Hype 

31% of those surveyed blamed social media platforms for creating socially distanced peer pressures during this global pandemic. Another 28% said that their friends pressured them into keeping up with whatever was being aired. Even though more than 50% of the poll using streaming services as an escape from the real world, trending shows are not living up to all the hype they come with.

As much as people’s pockets had suffered because of the pandemic, a lot of them still kept paying for streaming. However, most of them now don’t think it’s worth it.

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